1.    Animals can be identified by their external features.
2.    Animals with similar external features can be grouped together.
3.    A group of animals can be divided gain into different groups.

1.    Plants can be identified by their external features
2.    Plants can be grouped according to their similar external features.
3.    Plants with similar external features can also be grouped in other ways.

1.    There are magnets of different shapes.
2.    Objects that are attracted by magnets are magnetic objects.
3.    Objects that are not attracted by magnets are non-magnetic objects.
4.    Every magnet has two poles.
5.    The two poles are the North Pole and the South Pole.
6.    Same poles repel each other.
7.    Different poles attract each other.
8.    A stronger magnet can attract more objects than a weaker magnet. The strength of a magnet does not depend on its size and shape.
9.    Magnets are found in many objects around us, for example, the refrigerator, pencil box and handbag.

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